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09-21-08 ~ Countdown

Well, we are quickly approaching the point where everything seems to hinge upon the arrival of our baby. We are to 5 weeks until the due date but I for the life of me don't believe I will make it that far. I had the same feeling when I was pregnant with Marisa and she was 10 days early so maybe I will be right. I guess only time will tell.

We bought a car that is more friendly to three kids plus some. We bought a Honda Pilot and it's lovely. Hopefully it's good to us. If it's anything like my civic has been, it will be a great car. There are a few pictures on my blog if you want to check er out.

Roman has started preschool and LOVES it. He is always very excited to go and more than anything just enjoys the break from home and some time spent with other kids. Marisa enjoys having the house to herself as well and usually ends up raiding Roman's room while he's away since there is no one there to stop her. I think preschool will be a life saver when #3 comes around. (yes, we have a name.... well, first name anyway. No, we're not telling).

The basement bathroom is slowly moving along. And by slow I mean a painfully crawling pace, but about 1/2 of the drywall is up now and it's starting to look like a bathroom. Our goal to finish it by the time the baby arrived will go unaccomplished for sure, but it's ok. I'm just glad to have gotten this far without going crazy. There are so many little things that you don't think of until the time comes. And most of these little things take 1/2 of a day to fix or work on. We've only worked on it about every other weekend so .... it's slow.

I've been sewing up a storm, mostly for other people. But it's been good. I've never felt like I had too much to do but it's helped reduce some of my fabric inventory which was exactly what I wanted.

Anyway, 5 weeks and counting. Once October hits, time will fly I'm sure.

08-06-08~ What a month

Wow, what a busy July we had. We had Lance come visit for a few days around the 4th of July. Roman LOVED having him around to play with a bug.

A few weeks later Shane's parents and his sister and her three kids came to visit. That was 10 very busy days but so much fun. We swam, went to a rodeo, played at chuck-e-cheeses, BBQed, and the kids played so hard. What  a fun month. 

This month we have swimming lessons for Roman. I signed him up for preschool which starts the first week in September and I am just trying to survive the heat. We (and by that I mean Shane) are also working hard to finish the basement bathroom but it is slow going and the little "bumps" in the road to completion are frustrating. Just trying to find a closet door has been quite the task. The thing I'm most nervous about is tiling the floor. I've never done it before but I've seen it done and everyone says it's easy enough, but it is still a little scary. Plus, it's a pretty big floor so I get nervous about how long it's going to take, but it seems like it needs to be done in one session. 

Anyway, its been a good summer. I don't want it to end, but I DO want this baby to come and I wouldn't mind it if it weren't so hot. It makes me grouchy, so as nice as this summer has been, I guess it's ok that it's already time for back to school shopping and I'm already thinking about Halloween costumes and winter clothes for the kids.

06-24-08~ Busy summer days

So far we've had a pretty busy summer. We went to Ohio for a week and enjoyed the warm weather and outdoors there. Roman had a blast playing with cousins and riding the little power wheels four wheeler and jeep. He really wishes we could have stayed forever and is still asking why we had to come home.

The day after we got back from Ohio we found out that we are having another boy! Click here to see some of the ultrasound pictures. Now to name the little guy. I'm already on the hunt for some winter clothes because I know most of Roman's clothes are hot weather clothes and not all of them will work. :(

We are now working on getting the basement bathroom finished which is slow and expensive but I'm so excited for it to be done! The plumber came and did all the rough-in plumbing which was the biggest hurdle of all since we couldn't do it and finding a plumber to even return our phone calls was difficult. This weekend we are finishing up the framing and maybe get the electrical wiring taken care of.

We are also getting ready for family visitors. Lance will come the first week of July and then his parents, Greta and her kids will be coming in the middle of July. Roman is counting down the days and I'm checking off the lists of everything I want to accomplish before they get here. It should be really fun to have them here.

Grandpa Bill also bought Roman a Mariokart game for our Wii and that is all he wants to do now. I guess it's a good bargaining chip for a little while anyway. 

04-21-08~ Count down till Daddy gets home. 

Shane is away for job training and the rest of us are just trying to survive. The hardest part is not taking care of the kids by myself all day, it's really only a few extra hours a day beyond what I normally do. But it's being so darn lonely!! I need some friends! We sure miss having him around here. Luckily this last week is filled with preschool, dr.'s appointments and a few random chores etc. so hopefully it goes more quickly than the last week went. I'm glad he doesn't do this all the time. I would die!

03-19-08~ Welcome spring!

The weather has been teasing us a little with a warm day here and there, but for the most part, it's still cold. At least we can see the grass again. I was sure it would never return.

This month, both kids caught yet another cold. This one was weird and seemed to settle in their eyes of all places. Both of their eyes were gummed up with the nastiest stuff and of course sleep was hard to come by. 

Marisa is finally sleeping what I would consider through the night. She goes to bed at 7pm and wakes up usually when Shane is getting ready for work at 6 or so. I give her a pacifier and feed her when she wakes again around 7ish. Man, it sure took a lot of crying to get to this point and I'm sure it's not over yet, but at least I can get some real rest.

Bill bought us a wii and we have been playing our little hearts out. Roman loves it and begs to play all day long. At least it's a great bribery tool for getting him to eat his dinner. I will post some pictures of the gamer in action sometime :) Thanks Bill!

We are looking forward to more warm weather. Next month will bring a business trip for Shane, Birthdays for Me (LeAnn) and Marisa and hopefully more fun in the sun. 

02-23-08~ It's still cold.... uggg: 

The winter feels as though it will never end. We have snow banks on the side of our driveway that although it has rained etc. they are still FEET high. There is a light at the end of the tunnel though and that is after one more snow storm, we might actually see some spring like weather.. Woo HOOO!!!!!

Marisa caught a cold a while back and recovered, but about two days after that she came down with a BAD cold and fever. Turns out she has an ear infection in both ears. She was quite sad. The antibiotics seem to be helping her out though and soon we will have our little princess back. Hopefully ear problems aren't in her deck of cards. What a pain this has been. I can't imagine she likes it much either.

Roman is still enjoying preschool and comes home with all sorts of new vocabulary. It's funny to hear him say new words and phrases I've never heard him say before. He can't wait to turn 5 so he can go to a "real" school. 

01-20-08~ Cold winter days:

Shane's dad has been to visit and the kids had fun with his while he was here. Roman liked having an extra set of ears to talk to and someone new to tuck him in his bed at night.

It's cold here. The snow is in huge piles on the sides of the roads and it's been so cold it hasn't melted. Our poor heater is working overtime and I'm still crawling under blankets and wearing several shirts just to keep from shivering. I'm looking forward to some warm weather. Or at least warm enough that the trip to pre-school isn't like locking myself in a freezer for a half an hour. My car heater doesn't work so well. It starts warming up about the point that I'm pulling into the garage from the trip.

01-06-08~ OH NO!!! She's crawling!!!!!

Well, Marisa is still slow, but it won't be long until she will be everywhere! She can get from tummy to bottom and can sometimes pull herself up on her knees. She has to concentrate on getting her hands and feet coordinated but once she does she gets where she wants to go.

I don't even know what to think because Roman couldn't move like this until he was a year old. 

I'm sad and excited all at the same time. 

12-19-07~ Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat! (but I think we'll be eating turkey)

We've been facing the dilemma of gift giving this year. Roman wants a spider man camera for Christmas and it's just about the only thing he has asked for. Unfortunately it didn't really become a big deal for him until after we had bought him a bunch of other stuff. So... What do we do? Well, we bought the camera, unsure if it will surface or not, but we don't want Roman to have memories of being sad at Christmas over a $30 if it were a $600 play station, it would be a different story. We'll see how it goes.. What he wants with a camera is beyond me. I think he just wants to have things that mommy has.

Marisa is near crawling. She can't quite get her legs right and when she does she ends up boosting herself faster than she can get her hands to react, often ending face first into something that hurts. It's fun to watch her try though.

Roman is still enjoying preschool and wants to go so bad. He doesn't understand why one of his peers at school sometimes doesn't want to be there, It's practically what he lives for at the moment. I don't know what he's going to do during the Christmas break. I guess take pictures of all his new toys :)

11-18-07~ Happy Thanksgiving! Well, I know it's still a week away and the weather in Utah is warm and not typical Thanksgiving weather, but we've got the turkey and our 4 Thanksgiving decorations out so why not? We will be having dinner at our house (a little intimidating, but not my first time to host Thanksgiving). Roman is excited to eat the turkey for some reason and keeps asking if it's Thanksgiving yet.

Roman had a blast on Halloween. I think this is his first year of really caring much and boy did he LOVE it! He got a bucket full of candy and traveled the whole neighborhood for candy even though he really had to go to the bathroom. We have lots of pictures of the festivities.

Roman started pre-school this month. I keep feeling like he doesn't get enough peer interaction so I thought we would give pre-school a try. He really loves it! And he has a whole new library of songs to sing (which he does 24/7). They talk about letters, numbers, etc. and weather and the day's of the week.  There are 3 other 3 year old boys there to play with too (POOR TEACHER!). I think it's a good thing.

Marisa just keeps growing. She is fascinated with anything paper (beware, she eats it) and she likes to watch people eat. She's also becoming more playful and will sit and play with toys for quite a while. She still loves to be carried around though. My arms are getting tired!

We also had our family pictures taken this month. That is a stress I only want to deal with once every couple of years. In an attempt to have matching clothes I decided White polo shirts were going to be the best option. Well, except that I was the only one in our family that had a white polo. So... I went shopping. I went to every store in the valley and only came up with a shirt for Marisa. Finally I borrowed a shirt from our neighbors for Roman and spent entirely too much for a shirt for Shane but in the end I think it was worth it. I will scan them so that you can see :)

We are also heading down to the Cabin sometime this week which is long overdue. I don't think Roman even remembers the last time we were there. In fact, I don't even remember the last time I was there. Yikes. so hopefully it will be a fun and relaxing day and Roman can finally have a picture in his head of where Grandma and Grandpa Stonely live. He thinks Grandpa lives at the Hospital. :( Good thing he doesn't anymore 

10-24-07~ We are just getting ready for Halloween. Roman is going to be a scarecrow, Marisa will be Tinker bell. Roman is really excited about it and has been practicing. He sometimes gets messed up and instead of saying "trick or treat" he says "candy please!". Fine by me, at least he's polite.

Marisa learned to roll on to her tummy. you can go here to watch a short clip of her showing off :) She hasn't used it as a way to get around like Roman used to but she's pretty good at it. She will be crawling before we know it. She already puts her bottom way up in the air and pushes with her toes. Now all she has to do is combine that with her arms and she'll be out of control and into all of Roman's toys. 
Shane got the job! He's been promoted to an assistant manager position at his work which we are excited about. We are all proud of him and think he deserved it. 

09-29-07~ We all enjoyed our trip to Ohio. You can read all about it in the picture section. We had a lot of fun and Roman LOVED the extra attention and friends to play with all day long. We left 90 degree Ohio and got off the plane in Utah to 45 degrees!  We just can't win.

Next on our agenda is Halloween. And Roman is really excited because last night his cousins showed up at the doorstep with a Thomas treat bucket. He has been walking around the house practicing his trick or treating since then. We are still undecided on what he will dress up as. 

08-20-07~ Roman, Marisa and LeAnn went on a short trip to Idaho to visit LeAnn's sister and her family this month. Roman had so much fun playing with the girls and asks daily if we are going to the cousins again today. He enjoyed the freedom to play outside and having someone to play with 24/7.

The summer is winding down and we are looking forward to the cooler weather. Too bad that it's only cool for a few weeks then it's cold :(

We can't wait to get on a plane and go play with some cousins in Ohio.

07-22-07~ It's been HOT here. We've been trying to have fun despite the heat though. We've got swimming a few times, we went the zoo etc. But we've been hiding inside a lot too. 

Not much Super exciting. But we did manage to take about 200 pictures this month. Don't worry, I didn't share that many. :)

06-10-07~ I'm going to try to keep this link picture free from now on, it seems that this link and "family photos" aren't much different than each other. 

Marisa has started smiling. It's very cute, and now that we have her medicated (she has acid reflux) she is a much happier baby. She still has her voice, but doesn't use it nearly as much....boy that was  hard month! She is also sleeping a good 6-8 hours in a row at night. Woo Hoo!!! Somehow though, I'm still exhausted. It will pass.

Roman has had a good month with lots of fun things to do. We went to "day out with Thomas" where he rode the train. We also went to a fun blowup playground for his birthday and to the carnival for art city days. He also got to stay up late to see the art city days fireworks for the first time this year. He thought they were great! I was a little worried he would be scared, but he isn't afraid of much and he's definitely not afraid of fireworks.

We don't have many plans for the rest of the summer... we will probably hole up in our house and hide from the heat of the summer. 

05-20-07~ Lance came to visit! We took a small trip up to Salt Lake to visit the Bingham copper mine. It was neat. And to follow up, we went to a place called "Barbacoa" for lunch. This is exactly like "Chipotle" which is a place we visit often in Ohio. Shane is happy that burrito bliss is now only 35 minutes away.




4-21-07~ Marisa is here! She was born Thursday April 19th at 2:53 am. She weighed 8 lb 3 oz and is 20 1/2 inches long. She looks a lot like Roman did, but with smaller ears, 

hands, feet and her hair is more blonde. Click here for the whole story. It was a little intense. 











Birth Story:

I started having contractions that kept me awake a lot of Tuesday night but weren't horrible and definitely weren't regular. Wednesday I kept having contractions that were bothersome and took a little concentration but were more than 20 minutes apart and didn't last very long so I just kept going on with life, cleaned my sewing room, took Roman to Mc Ds to play etc. Wednesday night around 7 p.m. my contractions started coming about 15 minutes apart.  They hurt, but I could stand them. They continued that way until bedtime. It hurt to do anything but stand and walk, so I went to the basement so that Shane could sleep and I paced the basement. My contractions never really got regular. Sometimes they were 2-3 minutes apart, sometimes they were 7-10 minutes apart and they never really got over 45 seconds. So I was thinking I was in for another LONG labor. I decided to call the hospital at 1:30 am and see what they thought I should do. They said "you can come in if you want" So... I decided I would wait till 2 to wake Shane. At 2 am I woke Shane because I was starting to get nauseous and he called  Bruce to come stay with Roman.
I had planned to go without meds, but at this point I was thinking that I could not take any more, thinking I was in for at least another 4 hours.
We got in the car and Shane was saying he didn't have any cash. I told him to stop at the bank ATM on the way, but he decided not to (good thing)
The hospital was a 20 min. drive and I cried just about the whole way because the contractions hurt so much while sitting. The pressure was so intense. I complained that it would be another hour and a half before I would get an epidural. 
We got to the hospital and checked in, walked upstairs. I got out of the elevator and had to stop for a contraction and this one took me to my knees. Right there in the hall my water broke. The nurses came running down to get me and they took me to a delivery room and started setting things up to check me etc. as soon as I got in the bed I said. "I HAVE TO PUSH" the nurse says "no, don't push".... Yeah right. She checked, and yep... there is baby, all ready to come out.
So, the nurses quit trying to find a heartbeat etc. and got ready for baby to come. Not three good pushes later and Marisa was born about 8 minutes after we got to the hospital. Just imagine if we had stopped at the bank. I joked a couple days ago that it would be awful if we didn't make it in time and that was nearly the case.
After baby came out, the placenta wouldn't. And since I didn't have an epidural, the dr. was limited on what he could do to help it out. After about an hour of waiting with pitocin and some narcotic in me that made me SUPER tired, they put me to sleep and scraped it out YUCK! I was so tired, I didn't wake up till about 6 am and wasn't really with it till about 8 but it felt so good to sleep.
Anyway, it was very eventful and relatively fast, thank goodness.
Now I'm sore, but overall very happy with how things went. And proud to say that even though I had given up, I did it without an epidural.

12-13-06~ We are expecting a baby in April. We had our 20 wk. ultrasound today and boy was it fun! She is such a wiggle worm (which I already knew) she could barely hold still long enough to see anything. She tossed and turned and was right side up, then upside down and facing in and out. But we did get a few good pictures.


A peak at her little toes                               Yes... It's a girl


I asked Roman today if he wanted the baby to be a boy or a girl.. .He said "GIRL". Of course he has been known to just answer with the last option you give him. I didn't ask him if he wanted it to be a girl or a boy.

10-17-06~ We went to Idaho for Bailey's baptism the first weekend in October. While we were up there we went to Bear World, Big Jud's (where we ate the 1 lb burger) and on the way home we visited the Hill Airforce Base to see some airplanes.




We also went to the Scarecrow festival in Salt Lake with friends: Roman had a good time sliding on the slides and riding the "tony" (that is Roman for Pony)




7-27-06~ Well, The Betts grandparents came to Utah in July for Carmen's Baptism. We had a lot of fun, and took lots of pictures, so here you go:

4th of July Balloon Launch.


Up Up and Away!


We took Grandma and Grandpa on a hike to Stewart falls. It's beautiful of course



We visited some of Shane's Parents' Friends in Ogden We stopped at the Hogle Zoo on the way. We didn't get any pictures of the animals, but the train was fun!


Union Station


Roman loves swimming. He fearless in the water.


We also went to Snowbird to enjoy their summer activities. We had one full day of fun doing the alpine slide, zip line, tram to the top of the mountain and more!





They topped of their visit with a trip to the pool. We had such a good time.