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Home Up Family Party 2007


We will store some of the older photos here:

06-11-07: Just some fun pics. Roman is still getting used to the camera pointing at someone besides him. 


06-09-07: Springville Art City Days; We joined in on the festivities by running/walking the 5k and going to the carnival (even though it was 40 degrees outside IN JUNE!!!). And Roman got to stay up late to see the fireworks. He loved them!




06-01-07: Happy Birthday Roman!

Roman turned 3 years old this month. For his birthday we took him to Kangaroo Zoo where he had a blast! It took a little while to get over his fear, but once he did it was a sad time when it was time to go home. He also had a "little Einsteins" rocket cake. Several days before his birthday we made our pilgrimage to Heber to ride Thomas the train. It was a good month to be Roman.



                                                                                                Marisa was in charge of guarding the cameras






Listening to Thomas songs on the way there




Hangin' with his buddies


It was a good day 

05-20-07: Shane blessed Marisa yesterday and we had a little party afterwards. We didn't get many pictures, but we had fun anyway.




04-08-07: We had a couple nice days so we did some yard work this weekend. Roman LOVES to play in the dirt so he was happy to "help". He lost concentration for a moment and accidentally dumped a shovel full of dirt on his face. He decided he doesn't like the taste of dirt. It was pretty funny.


Roman had to clean up his toys so that the Easter bunny would come to our house. The first thing he said when he woke up the next morning was... "It's Easter Eggs Time!" So he had candy for breakfast. We couldn't even get him to wait till he was done looking for eggs to eat the treasures inside. There is a cute little clip of Roman's  Easter egg fun for those with higher speed internet.




02-01-07: We were able to go to Ohio for Christmas this year and boy did we have fun! We didn't do anything very out of the ordinary, but Roman had a blast playing with all the relatives. And anyone who would give him some attention. Here are some pictures:


Roman playing at the Mall while mom does some last minute shipping.                     Roman and Grandpa at the Christmas tree festival. 


Roman Enjoyed the extra attention. Finally someone would come play "nap time" with him.        Enjoying the frog game that grandma has


We went to Rice's in Cleveland to visit and eat Romeo's Pizza.           Roman helping mommy make ginger bread. He was in charge of the flour

All of Roman's time was spent playing with the cool train.    


Roman Grandma Betts and Great Grandma Mallet                                            Mom and Roman making their Ginger bread house, Christmas eve


Lance and Great Grandma Betts teamed up                                                      So did Grandma and Corinne. 



Christmas morning was full of presents, and fun 



Roman really liked Mason's Christmas present.                                               But he soon got over it. 


All the kids really liked playing with Roman's new train set                                                    Three little monkeys jumping on the bed



Roman asks if he can go to Grandpa's house a lot now, Can you blame him? 

12-13-06: We went to the mall to see Santa, but the train was just too irresistible. The train ride was $3... ( a little pricey to go in a couple circles) but Roman would have given all the money in the world to ride that train. So....

We got our Christmas tree up and put Thomas' tracks around the bottom. Roman enjoys playing with Thomas no matter where he has to go.

Last year Roman was afraid of the snow. This year he LOVES it! We bought snow pants, boots, mittens and I knitted him a hat and we have already got our moneys worth out of them.


Roman and LeAnn made some cookies. Roman loved making shapes and had to smell each cookie for some strange reason. Then he would say "mmmm.... smells good".  He comes up with some pretty strange stuff. He has quite the imagination.



The summer is almost over, Here are just a few more pictures we took having some fun:

We got a lot of little rainstorms this summer and every time Roman wanted to go out and get wet.


The Spanish Fork Carnival: Roman got this whole train to himself. 


One day, we went and found some ducks to feed. That was fun. Roman had a hard time throwing the bread far enough.


I started doing the crossword puzzles in the newspaper. Roman said it was his turn and he got comfortable and started working. Roman also ate every cucumber we grew this year. 


We visited some friends in Salt Lake and Roman had a blast playing and being silly with their kids.


Here is my latest Ebay item. We'll see how it does. Roman sure looks cute!


The neighbors gave us this Love Sac™ Its so big and so much fun.

Just some pictures from our summer

The Springville Art City Days Carnival. 



Roman and his cousins Michael and Misaki who visited from Japan



Romans 2nd Birthday Extravaganza!

First We went to "Day out with Thomas" in Heber. We took a ride on Thomas, got tattoos, played with baby animals who liked to nibble on his fingers and basically got addicted to Thomas in a day. Here are some pictures.




Then, we got a big boy bed, with Thomas Sheets. What do you know.... He likes it.... That is until bed time. But he is adjusting well.


Then we had a Thomas Cake with all of the cousins that live close by. And wouldn't you believe.... He got a Thomas train for his birthday.

What an Exciting Birthday!




Just some pictures from April 2006

Roman loves his D.I. Lawn Mower and uses it any chance he can get. So if you ever need your sidewalk mowed, he's your man.


It's hot outside, so Roman decided to take a break.

Shane's Birthday Celebration 2006




Christmas 2005


Christmas Eve we had Lance and the Paynes over and we made ginger bread houses.


That was some pretty exciting apple juice. 


Showing off some of the Loot!

Halloween 2005







It hailed the day of Roman's Birthday Party. May 30th    Believe it or not, it was really nice the same evening.  

Just goin' on a walk with the cousins    Roman's attempt at feeding himself 

    Playing outside with the flowers

...and eating them    Shane's Birthday Cake. (the plates it is being served on are dinner plates)

Here are some pictures from our latest trip to Ohio (April 2005)





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