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This is where we will post more pictures of our little family:

8-06-08: July was a busy month full of visitors and lots of fun. You can see lots of pictures on my blog, but here are a few that didn't make it there. As you can see, we've had a lot of fun.



6-24-08: Roman was able to ride a few rides at Art City Days this year. I caved in and although we missed the $1 ride day because of our vacation I decided I would at least buy him enough tickets to ride a few rides. He enjoyed it of course and I felt like it was ALMOST worth it. Is a little dragon roller coaster 2 minute ride ever worth $3? 




                                                                                                                                    Marisa was wishing she could ride too.

5-25-08: Come visit my Blog.... there are lots of pictures from this month there :) I'm too lazy to post them all twice. 

4-21-08:  Our little outings this month: we went to Chuck-e-cheese, and then last week we went to jumpin' jacks here are a few pictures:




Jumpin' Jacks:

This slide was HUGE. I didn't read the sign on it that said 6 years and up until Roman was already 1/2 way up, but he did fine.

I made the mistake of going during spring break and there were SO many bigger kids there that Roman was getting trampled left and right. He didn't seem to mind much but he did end up in the toddler area after a while with all the other kids his size that were tired of being stepped on and pushed around. He played for hours. Poor Marisa just sat and watched. We'll have to go back before school is out and play when there aren't so many kids. Or at least not so many big kids. Then maybe Marisa can at least crawl around.


3-19-08: March has brought a little warm weather our way. We had at least 3 or 4 days where we were able to go outside. Roman took full advantage and blew bubbles forever He used up the entire bottle. I'm surprised he didn't pass out.



Roman also had his first dentist visit this month. He did fantastic and passed with flying colors!!!


And on the colder days we just played boats in the living room.                   And another warm day at the park :)


This was today, but can you believe it's supposed to snow tonight!!!! Pure Torture!!!



2-23-08: Sorry there isn't very many interesting things to take pictures of when you are in the house all day. It's been so snowy and cold that it seems winter will never end!


1-20-08: Grandpa came to town & other random pictures

Roman loved to have someone new to talk to and play with. Marisa was a little nervous at first but got use to the idea soon enough.


Marisa and Shane all dressed up for the Ohio state game.


This SNOW lightning is a sculpture that we found on the side of the road.... This looks rather uncomfortable. I guess she's got lots of padding. :)

1-06-08: Christmas Fun


Our yearly Gingerbread house. This time frosty and Rudolph were "hiding" around the corner. 


Reading "The Night Before Christmas" and "The Christmas Story"


One happy kid (although he is having smiling issues lately)


Marisa enjoyed opening her presents, feeling her new feel and learn ABC book and of course tasting EVERYTHING!


What a bunch of lucky kids!

A few days later at the cabin with David's family



Marisa didn't like sledding one bit. Well, maybe it's the fact that she wasn't wearing any shoes :)


                                                                                                            Caught red handed! Marisa is really getting around the room and up to higher levels.


12-19-07: What a busy month for our camera anyway. Hard to pick just a few to share but I tried :)


Marisa loved having uncle Lance play with her. She would always smile at him.        Grandma Stonely and Marisa

Eating an ice cream cone at the cabin. Jack sat there staring at Roman while he ate. Unfortunately for the dog, Roman never looked away from the cone :)


Roman teaching Marisa about letters                                                                The snowman Roman and mommy built


Marisa is quite fascinated by the laundry basket. So I put her in.... She loved it. He own personal space where none of her toys could escape :)


Santa came to the ward party. Roman hopped right on up there and told Santa he wanted a Spider Man camera. Santa handed him a brown lunch bag  and a book so Roman hopped down, took about 4 steps, opened the bag and angrily stomped his foot and said "he didn't give me a spider man camera!" just some more treats. Silly boy. 

Marisa of course screamed when she sat on Santa's lap (lump of coal for her) and it would be a lot more funny if she didn't do that with everyone.

Roman has visited Santa 3 times this year and was only a little nervous the first time. Marisa might be scarred for life. But she tends to be more shy than Roman ever was so I will be surprised if she does as well when she is three years old.

A ride on the Christmas train at the mall. Of course he loved it.

11-21-07: Some more pictures from the month and a clip from Roman's preschool Thanksgiving program.

Roman's before church activity




10-31-07: Halloween Pictures: Boy did we have fun!

Pumpkin Carving:


Pre-Halloween party



Tinker Belle


Our Little Scare Crow 


Trick or Treating




10-24-07: Just some pictures from the month


Marisa's new spot at the diner table.                                                                 Her favorite hang out.


Roman and Shane fixing the toilet                                                                       The kids hanging out in their jammies. Marisa likes to watch people eat. :)


Roman learned how to peddle his bike. He sometimes does three laps around the block which we figured was almost a mile!

This was in September!!!! Yikes!

09-26-07: Ohio Trip

We did a lot of playing this time around and Roman wore himself out! Here is a rundown of our trip along with a bunch of pictures:

day 1: Car, Airplane, Airplane, Car.... need I say more?

day 2: Woke up at Greta and Tony's house and let the kids play a little before stuffing two cars full of our luggage and children and driving up to Grandma and Grandpa's house. Greta and LeAnn had the three younger kids while Tony and Shane braved the road with the two older ones. Lucky for them, they had the DVD player. We stopped at a cool historic jail (the one that some scenes of the Shawshank Redemtion was filmed at) but it was closed so we could only see it from a distance. Then we of course had to stop half way through to get some pizza, foldovers and subs at Romeos. Yumm. 

We arrived at Grandma and Grandpa's house and headed down to the Hartford Apple Festival. It was a little rainy so we just got some dinner which included Gyros, fries, elephant ears, ice cream, sodas and corn dogs. Real good for ya huh?

day 3: This was "Ride day" at the Apple Festival. We all braved the 50 degree weather (we seem to have bad weather luck when it comes to carnivals) The rides were all geared towards kids and Roman really took to these little trucks that drove in a circle. and went up and down a little hill.  Roman always says that he wants to drive a car. After about ten times on this ride he started to get creative and would scream as he was going down the tiny little hill. He also rode the swings and this little catipillar ride that even he would say was "the worst carnival ride EVER!" it went around a little tiny circle at a crawling pace. For the first few circles Roman just stared of into space and wouldn't even look at us, then he looked up at me and said. "Mom this is going REALLY slow".  We had some steak sandwiches for lunch (more artery clogging bliss) and the some $4 lemon water that was supposed to be a lemon shake (I think someone forgot to add the sugar) and Mason, Roman and I shared another elephant ear. Once we were completely frozen and the kids about asleep, we headed back to the house to get read for more sugar shock. Yes.... the parade! It was mostly just a bunch of cars and fire trucks but the fun part is that they ALL throw candy. Roman gathered a grocery bag full of tootsie rolls, suckers and smarties. Unfortunately... we "forgot" to bring them home. 





That night we had a fire and roasted hotdogs and marshmallows and the kids recovered from the sugar shock. We also got some Hill top pizza that night. (by this time it had only been three days and I had gained 5 lbs!)

day 4: This was baby Ethans blessing day! We went to church for a few hours then came home and prepared for a small party for the little guy. What a cute kid! He made Marisa seem like a monster though. it's amazing how fast they grow! 

day 5: This was a quiet day of playing at Grandma and Grandpa's house. The cousins went home and so Roman had all of grandpas attention so he rode the 4 wheeler, played on a cute little tractor bike they had, jumped on the trampoline etc. We ate at the hotdog shop for lunch and have decided this is the best choice for chili dogs in the area... for now anyway. We went to a Mexican place over in PA for dinner. (by this time I'm sure I weighed a good 7 lbs more than I did when I left home.)


day6: Grandma took the day off work so we went shopping. We hit the local mall, and Khols where I found some clothes for me and kids. For some reason I always seem to find clothes when I'm in Ohio. I don't know if they seem to have clothes that are more likely to fit, or are more my style or it may just be that I'm on vacation and more willing to spend money. We ate at Chipotle for lunch then went back for soup, salad and breadsticks at Olive Garden.  By this time we were all feeling quite glutonous and needed a lighter meal with some roughage. Plus... I LOVE their salad. 


day 7: We stayed in Hartford one more day and Roman helped Grandpa get ready for the branch hayride. Roman was so proud that he got to "drive" the tractor but as they were driving down the road to the farm, Roman said "Grandpa, I need my car seat!".  Funny kid. We had some more chilli dogs at the Hotdog Shop for lunch. Then we stuck around for the bon fire and hayride where Shane was in charge of keeping the fire and Roman pigged out on hotdogs and home made rootbeer. 

day 8: Back to Columbus to spend some time with Greta's family. We had lunch at the Gyro Shope which makes an excellent Gyro. We planned on going to a cool "bug park" that evening but all of the children were either asleep or about to fall asleep within minutes of the car ride, so we just went to a local park and let the kids play a little. We had subs at Penn Station which was tasty!

day 9: Zoo day. We took the kids to the Columbus zoo where they saw all sorts of cool animals, rode a train and a boat and saw the neat aquariums. Afterwards we went to Skyline chili for MORE chili dogs. (you would think that we had had enough over processed meat for a lifetime, but we somehow enjoyed them one more time) That evening we let the children play and we had Donato's pizza for dinner. 




day 10: Game day. Shane and Tony went to an Ohio State game. The weather was out of control hot and they came home totally thirsty and drained. While they were at the game, the kids played in the pool and slide in the backyard. Hard to believe that a few days earlier they were all sporting their winter coats and hats.

day 11: By this time Roman had lost hours and hours of sleep and Marisa had a fever so we stayed home while the Rice's went the church. All of us slept almost the whole time they were gone and then we were ready to play again. The kids played outside a little in the worlds smallest sandbox, they didn't seem to mind. 

day 12: Another travel day. The kids got some last minute playing in. They watched a little movie as we packed up. Nothing  like a little movie and popcorn to occupy children. we made it home at around 1 am. whew what fun. Now we gotta work of that extra weight. 


09-04-07: Marisa's first foods & Roman's new tent



                                                                                                       Marisa loves to play with her feet and use her feet to play with her toys.

08-20-07: Idaho Pictures



 Of course Roman loved playing with the kittens                                                              Future model for Radio Flyer


Making Pizza..... yummmmy                                                                             The Cousins. Roman had so much fun!

Here are just some cute pictures of the kids




07-22-07: We've had a fun Summer! 

A Visit to the Zoo:



We were HOT!!! Doesn't she look hot?


We got to see this cool WHITE alligator (there are only 10 in the whole world!)


After seeing the animals, Roman played in the water


What a busy day. Roman was Pooped (he NEVER sleeps in the car)


Roman LOVES to swim                                                                     4th of July Balloon Launch




Roman is potty trained!!! Wooo Hooo!!! (here is his potty chart along with the prizes he earned for doing such a great job)


 Cooling off..... It's been so HOT!